• Choose to live life on the veg

    A step by step guide to getting more of the green stuff.

Food is a hot topic at the moment, with claims and counterclaims for the next superfood or detox diet. One fact that consistently rides out the latest fads and trends is that eating more fruit and veg can only be a good thing.

How to start the change?

The first real step to getting more veg into your diet is to fall in love with the stuff. Learn to appreciate the taste and textures, and how to cook it in interesting and enticing ways. Don’t see it as a set of tick-list targets; becoming too dogmatic risks turning the whole thing into a joyless chore (which you’ll find a way to avoid).

“One particular paper by Imperial College London, which looked at around 2 million people, suggests consuming 10 portions of vegetables per day to live healthier for longer.” - Registered nutritionist Eva Humphries.

The first real steps

Step 1

Start with what you know

The veg you like probably sit in a spectrum of equally delectable relatives. If you’re a fan of broccoli, try other floreting brassicas such as cauliflower, or the hypnotically spiralled Romanesco. The clean, peppery crunch of a radish could be the gateway to kohlrabi, daikon, or even the much-maligned turnip. It isn’t too far a leap from a butternut squash to a sweet potato, and from there to sweet roots such as parsnips and celeriac and maybe even beetroot.

Three meals a day

Think about adding a bit of fruit or veg to every meal of the day. It isn’t as much of a chore as you think! Breakfast granola will welcome some sliced fruit. Try avocado on your toast instead of marmalade. And with juices, smoothies and blends, you can drink your fruit and veg in a convenient glassful.

Lunch could be as simple as folding some salad leaves and grated carrot into your usual sandwich – all the way through to making a proper veg-packed lunch ahead of time. Soup is an obvious choice, but don’t discount the fact that you can build robust salads that would happily fill the midday gap. 

The need to eat less meat is becoming increasingly apparent, for both health and environmental reasons. At dinnertime, try using meat less as the main event; fill the gap with pulses, legumes and plenty of veg instead. You don’t have to go full veggie - maybe start with Meat-Free Mondays and see how you go from there.

Choose to live life on the veg with Riverford

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Co-author: Eva Humphries, wholefoodwarrior.co.uk