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    Only buying organic guarantees you the highest standard of animal welfare

Many people choose to buy free range with the best intentions, not realising that it’s actually second-best for animal welfare. Only buying organic guarantees you the highest standard of animal welfare, and paying that little bit extra allows organic farmers to go above and beyond any other farming system, giving the animals as natural and happy a life as possible.


Organic animals…

  • Must have free access to pasture (when weather and ground conditions permit) and are truly free range
  • Must have plenty of space, which helps to reduce stress and disease
  • Are fed a diet that is as natural as possible and free from GM
  • Graze and forage naturally on organic pasture where only natural fertilisers are used and pesticides are severely restricted
  • Are kept in smaller groups, which means less stress
  • Are never given growth hormones, but allowed to mature at a natural rate
  • Must not routinely be given antibiotics. Farm animals now account for two-thirds of antibiotics used in the EU. These are passed on to us through the food chain. Overexposure to antibiotics can create antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Rather than routinely giving animals antibiotics to prevent disease, disease is prevented through natural methods such as clean housing, rotational grazing (regularly moving them onto fresh pasture) and a healthy diet.
  • Are never mutilated. No de-beaking of hens or docking of pigs’ tails, cutting of their teeth or putting rings through their noses to prevent stressed animals from biting each other.

Choose top animal welfare, choose Riverford

Organic is a holistic ethos that encompasses a profound respect for our livestock as well as the land. The standards of animal welfare on organic farms are higher than in any other farming system.

All of our meat, eggs and dairy are certified organic by the Soil Association standards and come from small-scale farmers we know and trust to uphold those standards really well.