Choose Riverford

  • Choose a business owned by its staff

    Riverford is now owned by its employees rather than venture capitalists

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  • Choose eating healthy

    Organic food is proven to be nutritionally different

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  • Choose top animal welfare

    Only organic guarantees the highest standards

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  • Choose fruit that hasn't flown

    It's better for the planet - and it tastes better, too

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  • Choose palm oil free

    Everything Riverford sell is 100% palm oil free.

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  • Choose a fair deal for all

    How can supermarkets afford to give away free food?

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  • Choose food grown for flavour

    Three rules for the most flavoursome veg

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  • Choose taste, not food waste

    One third of food grown is never eaten

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  • Choose organic, not just free range

    By Riverford & Compassion in World Farming

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