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A vision for a different world

Visitors and speakers at the Oxford Real Farming Conference were united in their vision for a different food and farming system, working more closely with the environment, supporting small farmers and building resilient food supply chains.

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    Why I'm (sometimes) an angry vegan

    Veganism comes from a place of compassion and a desire to make the world a better place, so a disproportionately unfavourable view of vegans is frustrating, writes Riverford co-owner and IT engineer Jon Soellner.

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    Riverford summer eats

    From meat and veggie BBQs, to tempting picnic treats and drinks.

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    Eating the top of the crops

    Using the leafy tops of bunched carrots, beets and radishes helps reduce food waste while making some tasty new recipes.

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    Riverford Farm

    Ethical organic veg. Delivered.

    Set up by Guy Singh-Watson 30 years ago, Riverford now delivers across the country with a full range of fresh produce, meat, dairy and more.

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    The perennial revolution

    Perennial crops reduce cultivation of soil, increase carbon sequestration and can improve resilience of farming systems. So what’s holding them back? Nick Easen investigates.

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