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Boom time for carrots

This year has seen a bumper crop for carrot growers. Ideal conditions for seed planting meant good soil temperatures and perfect weather for germination got them off to a good start, and with much less loss to bad weather or pests the latest carrot crop is exceptionally healthy.

If you want to eat more of this versatile seasonal star, or just find yourself with more carrots than usual in your fridge and want to prevent food waste at home, here we celebrate this boom time for carrots with our six favourite recipes:

Carrot cake porridge


All the amazing flavours of carrot cake but in a wholesome, warming bowl of porridge – what’s not to love about this healthy breakfast? A great way to get a portion of veg in at the start of the day, and also to use up that leftover rogue carrot in the fridge. It can be enjoyed as overnight oats too – just mix all the ingredients together, leave them to sit in the fridge overnight, and enjoy cold in the morning. For the recipe, click here.

Carrot apple and ginger juice


Another great breakfast idea, and great if you are on the go. This is super healthy and delicious to boot, with the sweetness of organic carrots and juicy apple, spiced up with a hit of ginger. Stir in a small pinch of cayenne for a bit more of a wake up. For the recipe, click here.

Carrot flapjack


Easy to mix up a batch in 10 minutes, these savoury flapjacks make excellent snacks or lunchbox fillers. Cheap to make but full of goodness, and you can add in some sesame or pumpkin seeds, or a little grated apple for sweetness. These also freeze brilliantly, so make a double batch and keep some safe for another day. For the recipe, click here.


Harissa carrot fritter pittas (we challenge you to try saying that after a glass of wine!)


A simple and swift way of turning a handful of ingredients into a tasty meal. You can play around with the spices in these fritters depending on what you have to hand. For the recipe, click here.

Indian masala roast carrots with coconut red lentils


Incredibly popular with everyone that has tried it, the sweet earthy qualities of the humble carrot make it an ideal vehicle for a whole world of spices. Set against this simple dahl-like bowl of lentils, they are roasted with a little bite left to them. To try making this wonderful winter warmer, click here.



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    Tried the carrot cake porridge this morning. Wow! totally amazing although the amount seemed more appropriate for 4 rather than 2! We ear porridge every day during the winter; we will be eating the carrot cake version for as long as the carrots last.
    I also highly recommend the carrot hummus, which is fab and which I have shared with many of my friends.

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