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Best January soup recipes

Nourishing, cheap, and infinitely variable, soup is a seasonal staple for very good reason. Turning bits and bobs from the last of your veg box into flavoursome, warming meals feels like winter magic and is perfect for staying warm indoors.

If the weather is good, pop some in a flask for easy outdoor eating on a sunny day– whether in your garden or further afield as a winter picnic.

Beetroot’s bright hue just does you good looking at it, and the earthy flavours work wonderfully with spices and coconut in this ruby red Thai-style soup. For ingredients and how to make, click here.  

Beetroot soup

Another seasonal star, cauliflower is a wonderfully versatile ingredient. Choose organic where possible: grown slowly on mineral-rich soil, it tastes so different with exceptional flavour. Pair with strong cheese and pickled pear for an unusual twist. See the full recipe here.  

Cauli and stilton

Onions can be one thing that builds up in your veg basket, but are delicious roasted whole or in silky French onion soup. Used widely in folk medicine both raw and cooked for coughs and colds, an easy way to enjoy this veg is in a sumptuous soup; cooking the onions ’slow and low’  for a long time achieves a melting, caramel perfection.

French onion soup

Throw in a handful of sage or thyme leaves or chopped rosemary along with the onions – all are delicious herbs also used traditionally for health giving benefits. For a great version of this recipe from Riverford, click here

Still got cheese in the fridge to use up after Christmas? Broccoli and stilton soup is the perfect way to enjoy it, full of green veg goodness which is complemented by the tangy, creamy flavours from the Stilton. Bacon adds a nice salty crunch to this recipe, but just leave out if you're cooking for vegetarians. See the full recipe here.

Broccoli stilton 

An all-time favourite, vitamin rich and vibrant red tomato soup is a total ‘hug-in-a-mug’. This version is a spoonable version of Panzanella, the classic Italian bread salad, but with the bread baked into croutons instead for added crunch. See the full recipe here.

Tomato soup


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