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Veg Hacks: The season for squash

Autumn is officially squash season. To celebrate, we made this special four-part Veg Hack series to showcase some of the lesser known squash varieties and how best to approach each one. 

A quick guide to squash

Get to know your Delicata from your Crown Prince in this quick guide to squash varieties. 

Honey and paprika glazed hasselback squash

The curvaceous Butternut, the most popular variety of squash, has a clean, creamy flavour. In this video James hasselbacks Butternut, which is a technique normally used with potatoes. Adding a honey, mustard and balsamic glaze towards the end of cooking results in crispy, sticky, sweet squashy goodness. Read the full recipe here, or watch the video below. 

Delicata and harissa tarte tatin

Delicata squash is a real beauty. Not only does it look fantastic due to its flower-like shape when cut into rounds, but it’s also packed with flavour. It's slightly creamier than other varieties, and lends itself really well to light spicing. Read the full recipe here, or watch the video below. 

Griddled Crown Prince with warm hummus

Warm hummus acts as the perfect base for charred Crown Prince squash ‘steaks’ in this vibrant vegan dish. We’ve accentuated the hummus by adding caramelised red onions, which go beautifully with the warming Moroccan spices. Read the full recipe here or watch the video below. 

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