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Best new pancake recipes

Pancakes are a joyful thing, solo or shared. Who doesn’t smile when sat in front of a plateful of glorious golden rounds, made from simple ingredients and served with your favourite topping. It is something everyone can enjoy whatever your diet, with vegan and gluten free recipes also making the basis for an easy treat or substantial main. 

Basic pancake recipe 

A classic basic pancake mix is the most familiar. To get great results, use an oil suitable for frying at high temperatures, without a strong flavour such as sunflower or groundnut oil. You can substitute the plain flour for buckwheat, used in France to make traditional crêpes. Buckwheat flour goes particularly well with savoury fillings and is also gluten free. For the full recipe, click here. 

Drop scones 

Thicker, fluffier and more forgiving to those who aren’t the most deft pancake flippers, a stack of Scotch pancakes – AKA drop scones – eaten hot from the pan, slathered in butter and jam makes brilliant afternoon treat or leisurely breakfast. Kids love helping make them too and it can become a much anticipated part of the weekend. For the full recipe, click here

Vegan pancake recipe 

A vegan version of drop scones, banana gives the mix a bit of body and some natural sweetness, while oil replaces the richness of egg yolk. The rise in these pancakes comes from baking powder; adding a little vinegar reacts with it to give extra oomph and a better raise. Try serving with juicy blood orange compote sweetened with maple syrup, or use whatever sweet topping you love best. For how to make both, click here

Vegan pancakes

Sweet ideas 

Lemon and sugar are the go-to, but you can do so much with a whole variety of seasonal fruit. Gently spiced baked apple pancakes are a joy in the colder months, laden with dried fruit and nuts. To try making them – using a neat trick to get even apple slices that are perfectly cooked – click here

Baked apples

Roasted pears and chocolate? Or fried bananas and peanut butter? Yes please. Mouth-watering flavours like pineapple and coconut or blueberries and lime are also fresh ideas to bring to the table. For how to make these and more, click here

Savoury flavours 

Maybe you prefer savoury? Pancakes can be packed full of tasty veg, too. If cooking up a batch at dinnertime feels a bit much, make them in advance, layering them between sheets of greaseproof paper. They can be kept in the fridge then gently warmed in the oven. If you have any batter mix left over, you can always freeze it. 


French style galettes with chard are an irresistible combination of melting cheese, seasonal chard and a whole egg housed in a buckwheat galette. Also good with spinach or ham, they are a great way to use up whatever you have to hand. To try the recipe, click here

Using the same buckwheat base, a Moroccan spiced carrot filling makes a colourful vegetarian main full of flavour; mint, sheep’s cheese and pinenuts combined with aromatic spices give this dish real freshness and warmth. For the full recipe, click here


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