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Best new recipes for the 'summer flush'

At the height of summer, we are in a period known as the ‘summer flush’ when a wide variety of British-grown veg are plentiful. If you have a glut of some things it may feel like your recipes are on repeat, but with some simple travel-inspired ideas and a sunny day you can let your tastebuds transport you.

To help you rediscover the excitement of this season here is our roundup of some brand new recipes from the chefs at Riverford, which will give your favourite summer veg an adventurous feeling.

Persian new potato salad with crispy chickpeas and courgette

Persian new potatoes

If you’re craving far away exotic flavours, then this recipe is for you. This Middle Eastern potato salad is inspired by Iranian cuisine, mixing fresh herbs with a tangy flavour. The satisfying combination of potatoes, crispy chickpeas and smoky grilled courgette makes this dish a wholesome weeknight meal, or it could be served as part of a Middle Eastern feast. For the full recipe click here.

Red rice and walnut aubergine rolls with basil oil


A beautiful recipe inspired by cannelloni, a traditional Italian dish. This elegant pasta free and plant-based version will help you see and enjoy aubergine in a new, exciting way. It’s always lots of fun rolling the grilled aubergine around this wholesome filling! For instructions and ingredients, click here.

Creamy lemon pasta with sugar snap peas

Lemon pasta

When life gives you lemons, make creamy lemon pasta! This dish originates from southern Italy and will transport your taste buds to al fresco dining on the sun-drenched Amalfi coast. The addition of the sugar snap peas adds a refreshing crunch to what will become a firm summer favourite to be enjoyed again and again. For the full recipe click here.

Turmeric and cashew rice with sugar snap peas and fried egg

Cashew rice

Another recipe featuring fresh, crunchy sugar snap peas - this time as the star of this dish, combined with fresh lime and coriander to really make them shine. The fried garlic gives the fluffy yellow rice a wonderful aroma that goes perfectly with the roasted cashew nuts, and the runny egg gives you the chance to get messy and mix everything to create a vibrant and colourful plate. Click here for the recipe.

Roast summer roots with carrot top chimichurri


Summer root veg like bunched carrots and bunched beetroot need very little embellishment; roasting them is simplicity at its finest, here alongside bunched onions for a vegetable medley. Chimichurri is a South American herb sauce that is an absolute superstar when paired with roasted or grilled meat, vegetables or fish. Served alongside couscous, this makes a colourful and wholesome summer meal. For how to make, click here.


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