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Best recipes for Christmas leftovers

Although things have eased up this year, this Christmas is still a difficult one to plan for. Along with decking the halls, we will all make our best guesses about how much and what to buy, but one thing that is a concern is not wanting to waste food.  

We asked the chefs at Riverford to help, and they have devised some fantastic recipes to help make the most of what’s in your fridge and store cupboard after the big day. Let these elevate your leftovers, turning them into zero-waste mini-feasts that are full of flavour and festive cheer.  

Cheese, broccoli and chilli jam quiche  


A great way to use up small bits left over from a Christmas cheeseboard, this recipe works well with a selection of cheeses. Blue cheese, in particular, is fantastic sprinkled on top as it goes really well with the broccoli, and a layer of hot chilli jam cuts through the creaminess. For the full recipe, click here.

Turkey tacos  


Spice up your Christmas leftovers with these tacos: after traditional roast dinners, something fresh and spicy in the following days can really energise you. These tacos are a fantastic way of using up turkey or chicken. They make a quick and easy dinner, and great fun if you put all the components in the middle of the table for people to help themselves. To view this recipe, click here

Parsnip dal 

Parsnip dal

Dals are classic lentil curries – here, the addition of parsnips brings an earthy sweetness that compliments the lentils beautifully. This is a great way of using up roasted parsnips, and even better if served with warm naan bread alongside. To view the recipe, click here.

Turkey laksa 

Turkey laksa

This lightly spiced coconut noodle soup is a delicious way of using up leftover turkey meat. A laksa is a traditional Malaysian soup that uses coconut milk with either a seafood or chicken stock, depending on which meat you intend to use. Super versatile, you can garnish it with whatever you like: try thinly sliced red peppers, radishes, beansprouts or even a soft-boiled egg. For the full recipe, click here.


The stock used in this laksa is a delicious Malaysian-style turkey broth. Asian flavours and aromatics create a light, delicious broth from the carcass and bones of turkey or chicken. A great base for many Asian dishes, it can also be enjoyed alone as a nourishing light meal, or used to cook rice and noodles in. For ingredients and instructions, click here.



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