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Top five organic curry recipes

There’s a pretty good reason why curry is one of the UK’s favourite dishes. Warming, filling and vibrant curries are a great antidote to chilly rain and grey skies. Traditionally used for health-giving properties, garlic, chilli, turmeric and ginger add flavour and a welcome dash of heat.

From mild to fiery, there is such variety and nuance to curry dishes that depend on both where it originates and how the recipe is then adapted. It’s the perfect time of year to try something new that will bring colour to your plate, so here are five new takes on curry recipes to explore.

A simple bowl of golden Thai pumpkin curry is a comforting vegan dish that stands alone as a midweek main course, or as a side dish that's good with meat or fish. This recipe uses a gorgeous lemongrass, lime and coconut Thai curry paste that is super quick and easy to make.

Nourishing and veg-packed curried beef pie with mixed root mash, tarka leeks and greens sounds like it's a slow-cooked affair but is made with lean mince and topped with a quick to prepare root veg mash. Healthy greens, tossed with an Indian-style tarka, plus a spicy seasoning of aromatic seeds and chilli flakes, also feature in this speedy dish.

Curried beef pie
Curried beef pie with mixed root mash, tarka leeks and greens.

Ready in 30 minutes, curried broccoli quinoa is a speedy and protein-rich combination of spiced quinoa topped with soft-boiled eggs. You could also replace the broccoli with spinach, kale, spring greens or broad beans when in season – whatever you have to hand.

Curried broccoli
Curried broccoli and quinoa.

For the curious curry cook, try a veg you may have never used before instead of potato or carrot. Celeriac has a wonderful ability to soak up flavours, while also bringing its own subtle, nutty fragrance to proceedings. Celeriac curry with chard and cardamom rice is full of earthy flavours and has a beautiful turmeric-coloured creamy sauce that is totally dairy free too.

Parsnip curry
Parsnip and leek curry served with apple salad.

Last parsnips lurking in the veg rack or didn’t quite get around to making a roast dinner? Parsnip and leek curry with apple salad will change how you see this familiar staple root. A delicately spiced curry with parsnips, leeks and tomatoes, offers loads of contrasting tastes and textures when paired with a crisp, refreshing apple salad and nutty brown basmati rice.


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