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How to make veg crisps

Question: Do crisps count as an essential item? Technically, it probably has to be a no but in my heart it will always be a yes. Going to the shops now is so rare and strange I found myself returning without any treats at all. As the nation settles down to box sets galore in the evenings, without any crisps to snack on, I just feel a bit sad.

Kale crisps
Netlix and kale: veg crisps are the new TV snack. 

If the crisp crisis in your lockdown household is also causing problems and you get a veg box delivery, you could be overlooking a surprising source of immensely tasty, packaging-free TV snacks literally on your doorstep. Try these boredom-busting delights that will give you a great activity (or occupy other household members) and result in a bowlful of something really tasty to snack on.

First up, kale chips. Oven-baked kale chips are crisp and salty but have hidden goodness – they are chockful of vitamin A, C and calcium. You can also choose your favourite flavourings as this recipe is very adaptable: toss with paprika, cayenne pepper, lemon zest, parmesan or red wine vinegar before baking.

Celeriac crisps
Celeriac crisps.

Celeriac is one of those veg that’s a bit knobbly and funny looking so may languish at the bottom of the box. Don’t neglect it – turn it in to celeriac crisps. Sprinkled with flaked sea salt and black pepper or smoked paprika they are very moreish. The same method will also work with parsnips and sweet potato, or if deep frying seems a bit much effort, try super-easy baked beetroot crisps.

Baked beetroot crisps
Baked beetroot crips.

A great zero waste snack can be made from the peel of any well-scrubbed potatoes. It couldn’t be easier – shake the peel in a bowl with a glug of olive oil, season and roast on a tray for 20 mins at 200 degrees, turning occasionally to check they go golden but don’t burn. It works really well with sweet potato and beetroot, too, or a mix of all three.

Squash lemon and almond muffins
Squash, lemon and almond muffins.

If you are wanting a sweet treat to go with your favourite programme and a cuppa, these butternut squash, lemon and almond muffins are both gorgeous and easy to make. On the same theme, carrot muffins with orange topping are based on a classic carrot cake recipe, with a zingy orange icing to make you smile.


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