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Top five recipes for World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day takes place on 1 November this year as a global celebration of all things plant-based - but it doesn't have to be all about processed meat alternatives. We believe it's also a brilliant chance to try new plant-based recipes with the finest organic seasonal vegetables, fresh from the farm and full of nutrition. Explore our top five vegan recipes and make the most of real plant-based eating this World Vegan Day.  

Sweet potato and lentil bake



With their rich sweet flesh, sweet potatoes are a vibrant and versatile replacement for potatoes or squash in scores of dishes. They have a light spiciness to their flesh which marries well with the harissa and cumin in the lentils of this dish.

Read the full sweet potato and lentil bake recipe.

British-grown greens and coconut dal



A colourful, creamy dish which makes the most of our best British-grown greens and finished with a sprinkling of hot chilli and toasted coconut chips. Spinach, cabbage or chard can all be used, as well as spring greens if they are available. 

Read the full spring green and coconut dal recipe.

Celeriac, chickpea and saffron with maftoul



This is a Moroccan style dish, lightly spiced with a slight chilli heat. Celeriac has a fragrant, nutty, celery-like taste is great at soaking up surrounding flavours. Celeriacs are notoriously knobbly so we’d advise ditching the peeler in favour of a sharp knife for this one.

Read the full celeriac, chickpea and saffron with maftoul recipe.

Broccoli, tofu and udon bowl with miso, parsnip and peanuts


Miso is a fermented rice or soybean paste and is a fundamental building block of Japanese cuisine. It has a deeply savoury flavour and tastes hugely restorative. You can try and eat this with a fork and a spoon but the best way is with chopsticks, sucking up the noodles over the bowl and slurping the broth.

Read the full Broccoli, tofu and udon bowl with miso, parsnip and peanuts recipe.

Cauli, beet and quinoa bowl



Quinoa has been much heralded in the last few years. It has a very mild bitter edge to its taste but generally makes a great bass note to a whole ensemble of ingredients. We’ve chosen the earthy flavours of beetroot and cauliflower, some pepperiness from the watercress, sweet fruit, crunchy seeds and a sharp tart kick from the orange and balsamic.

Read the full cauli, beet and quinoa bowl recipe.



1 Year 2 Months

Cannot wait to try all these recipes!!!
Been vegan for 3 yrs, and never felt better, wholefood plant-based is the future - for health, animals and climate change!
Excellent work Riverford & Kirsty :-)

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