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Pumpkin recipes to scare the cold away

Every year, the UK wastes around 18,000 tonnes of perfectly edible pumpkin flesh and seeds as the nation carves away to make spooky Halloween lanterns.

Like squash, pumpkin is sweet and warming and can be delicious if cooked in the right recipes. Here are a few veg-centric recipes to help turn your pumpkin waste into a tasty meal or treat.

For all of the below you can also substitute pumpkin for squash. 

pumpkin madeleinesPumpkin madeleines with pumpkin custard and cinnamon meringue
Unusual and slightly long-winded but totally worth it. The meringue isn’t necessary but adds an impressive finish. All the elements can be made individually if you don’t want to tackle the whole recipe. See recipe.

Pumpkin frittersPumpkin fritters with Romanesco
These fritters are simple to prepare and the Romanesco is a delicious accompaniment, or it can be substituted for a simple mayonnaise mixed with paprika and garlic. We like the Romanesco with a mix of nuts rather than using just almonds. See recipe.

Pumpkin frittersRoasted pumpkin salad with pumpkin seed dukka, sumac red onions, Wootton White, pistachio and pomegranate 
This dish has a Middle Eastern feel to it and is a good way to use up pumpkin flesh and seeds. Wootton White is an English Greek-style sheep’s cheese and can be substituted with feta. See recipe.

thai pumpkin curryThai pumpkin curry
Squash and pumpkin work well in a Thai curry as the coconut milk complements the sweetness of the veg, while lemony flavours add a fresh flavour. Make sure you bruise the lemongrass by bashing it with a rolling pin to release the aromatic flavour. If you don’t fancy making the paste, you can buy it ready made. See recipe.


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