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Top five venison recipes

It’s venison season, and on health, welfare and sustainability grounds it can’t be beaten. About as natural and unadulterated as meat gets, its breeding and life cycle has hardly changed in the last thousand years resulting in a tender, healthy meat that’s lower in fat than skinned chicken breast, higher in iron than any other red meat, low in cholesterol and brimming with Omega-3s.

All our venison comes from small organic herds reared on Westcountry family farms in Looe and Exmoor. They graze a natural diet of clover-rich grass and wild flowers, roaming the land in natural rutting groups. The meat has a deep colour and rich flavour which is less gamey than wild venison and therefore more versatile.

So well suited to autumn eating, our venison has a short season (only available throughout the next month or so) and works well with the earthy seasonal flavours of the root veg and greens in your veg box.


Venison Cottage Pie

Venison cottage pie

Traditional winter comfort food, this version of cottage pie works beautifully with venison. There's no need to be too exact about quantities; this is a good way of using up odds and ends from your veg box. The nutty strength of celeriac in this mash pairs well with venison, but you could use other root veg with the potato – parsnip, swede or carrots. Serve with buttery Savoy cabbage or kale.

See the full venison cottage pie recipe here.

Venison Toad in the Hole

Venison toad in the hole

Before everyone settled on pork sausages, toad in the hole used to be made with any meat that was to hand – it works beautifully with the richer taste of venison sausages. Eat with rich, sticky onion gravy, roasted carrots and seasonal greens.

See the full Venison toad in the hole recipe here.

Venison Chilli with Chocolate

Venison chilli and chocolate

This chilli might seem a little heavy on the beans, but that's the way we like it. Chocolate gives it extra richness and the extra spices make the whole dish a lot more balanced and interesting. If you have an army to feed, you can double the quantities by using more venison or adding in other diced or minced meat – the diced will give a bit of added texture.

See the full venison chilli with chocolate recipe here.

Venison, Kale & Mushroom Stroganoff

Venison kale & mushroom stroganoff

This is a twist on a classic stroganoff, swapping beef for quick cook venison stir-fry strips and adding some kale for extra greens. Chestnut or portobello mushrooms make a great addition too.

See the full venison, kale & mushroom stroganoff recipe here.

Venison & Root Veg with Boulangere

Venison & root veg boulangere

A boulangère is like a gratin or a dauphinoise, where slices of potato are layered and baked in stock rather than cream. This provides excellent flavour without the extra calories, and a comforting accompaniment to venison cutlets.

See the full venison & root veg with boulangere recipe here.


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