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Live Life on the Veg for National Vegetarian Week

May 16th–22nd marks National Vegetarian Week, and we think this is a great chance to celebrate all the wonderful vegetarian recipes out there and #livelifeontheveg! National Vegetarian Week isn’t just for veggies, it’s a great chance for everyone to expand their recipe repertoire and get more veg into their diets.

Here are 5 ways you can use Riverford to get your creative vegetarian juices flowing:

Vegetarian recipe boxes


Each week our team of Riverford cooks write recipes which are inspired by ingredients and cooking methods from all over the world, and the seasonal produce we’re harvesting on the farm at the time. With everything needed in exact quantities, and step by step instructions, it’s hard to go wrong. Our vegetarian recipe box is our best seller, and it’s not just vegetarians who buy it. We often get feedback from customers who say that the meals are so flavoursome and satisfying, that they really don’t miss the meat. In 2015 we won Best Vegetarian Recipe Box in the Veggie Awards.
See our recipe boxes here

Master Veg cooking classes and Welcome Suppers 
Keep an eye out for one of our Master Veg classes in a location near you. These hands on cooking classes are a great chance to get to grips with the green stuff, and learn a bit about live with a veg box.

Meanwhile, our Welcome Suppers allow new Riverford customers to experience a feast of seasonal vegetarian dishes like Aloo Gobi with Spinach, Chilli Chewra and Yogurt Dressing, and Broad Beans, Fennel and Courgette Salad, which should leave you feeling inspired with your own veg box delivery at home.

master veg class

Cook book and website
The The Riverford Companion Spring and Summer cook book is full of recipes which celebrate the stars of the season. From simple veg side dishes, to vegetarian centrepieces, the book will help you tame your vegetables once and for all. We also have a huge number of vegetarian recipes on our website, with a whole section for vegetarian mains.


Our YouTube channel and social media pages 
Head over to our YouTube channel to watch recipe videos and veg micro classes. Some of the videos are a bit retro – but good recipes never go out of date, and you’ll probably notice that Guy’s favourite jumper doesn’t either!


Customer regularly share recipes and tips on our Facebook page too. Don’t be afraid to ask a question on our wall to the Riverford community, our customers can be very knowledgeable, often teaching us a thing or two.

We’d love to see your vegetarian masterpieces; you can share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages using the hashtags #livelifeontheveg and #nvw16.



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