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First organic garden debuts at Chelsea Flower Show

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is hosting the first-ever Soil Association approved organic show garden designed by dairy brand Yeo Valley.

Designed to inspire gardeners to grow organically at home, the garden will highlight how organic principles of soil health and biodiversity play a key role in fighting the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse, and demonstrate how everyone can help tackle these global crises in their own back yard.

The soil plays a pivotal role in our fight to reverse climate change but due to the obvious attention on what’s happening above ground at Chelsea, the world of microscopic activity under our feet is often overlooked,” said designer of the organic show garden Tom Massey, who worked alongside Yeo Valley’s head gardener Sarah Mead.

“We are excited about bringing our organic credentials and experience to the world’s greatest flower show,” said Mead. “Now is the perfect time to start shouting a bit louder about the benefits of growing and buying organic and putting nature first in everything we do.”

Yeo Valley
Yeo Valley's organic show garden, which will feature at Chelsea Flower Show. 

Chelsea, dubbed ‘the world’s most famous flower show’, is attended by thousands of nature lovers and this year takes place between 21 and 26 September.

The theme of how gardening can help the environment will feature elsewhere at the show, with the large show garden ‘COP26’ exhibiting the role of the gardens, green spaces, and plants in mitigating climate change ahead of the landmark climate talks in Glasgow in November.

We hope to give visitors a beautiful garden to inspire them to move to more organic and sustainable gardening practices and encourage them to get their hands dirty, emphasising the importance of healthy soil to all our futures, especially as we tackle global pandemics, a changing climate and biodiversity decline,” added Massey.


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