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Wicked Leeks: Climate Special out now

The new issue of Wicked Leeks magazine, which went to press as world leaders met in Glasgow to discuss possibly the last chance to avert climate catastrophe, unsurprisingly has a theme of climate. 

And whatever was, or wasn’t, agreed during these talks, there is an undeniable feeling of momentum that we have tried to capture in these pages. Whether it’s Guy Singh-Watson’s new-found belief that taxing fossil fuels is the one clear call we can all get behind to scale up a green transition (pages 6-7), or the inspiring story of one community coming together to tackle transport, energy, and biodiversity loss, along with regular advocacy with local MPs (page 9). 

While we do need the big changes to happen, a lifestyle shift is not to be underrated. And perhaps what is most appealing in changing to a lower-impact life is the growing body of research showing how these changes (whether it’s avoiding the stressful and expensive consumer cycle or exploring how to eat seasonally) have tangible benefits for happiness. You can read more about these approaches on page 10, and in our lifestyle section, dedicated to living for a new era (pages 30-33). 


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There is also a neat link between wellbeing, fulfilment, and happiness with our other focus in this issue: people. Worker shortages might sound like a depersonalised supply chain story, but actually there is a chance to reshape our food system with people at the heart (pages 22-24).

People are also at the heart of campaigning by activist brand Patagonia, as explained by our cover star and the company’s director of environmental action, Beth Thoren, whose clear-headed words on why and how she faces the climate and nature crises head on are a hugely inspiring read.  

Nina Pullman,

Editor, Wicked Leeks

You can read the full magazine as a digital edition for free on Issuu


    Nina Pullman

    Nina is editor of Wicked Leeks and a journalist specialising in food sustainability, supply chains and ethical business. She honed her trade at leading trade magazine Fresh Produce Journal, and has written for the Guardian, Huffington Post and The Ecologist. A passionate traveller, she is interested in food as the starting point for discussions about culture, the environment, health, business, politics and beyond. She is on Twitter as @nina_pullman. 

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    The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity losses will be the defining stories of our future, but it is not too late to change direction. 

    Here at Wicked Leeks, our mission is to help inform and inspire positive change. Our journalism is free to all because of this, but we want to reach as many people as possible who share our desire for a better world. We know our readers are some of the biggest advocates of sustainable living, and you can help us grow this movement by sharing this article widely, with your friends and on social media. Now is the time to act.