We Feed the UK: a major new Arts project

With farming on its knees, an ambitious nationwide exhibition spotlights the tireless work of the UK's regenerative food producers

A major Arts project launches today, pairing award-winning photographers and poets with the UK’s most inspiring regenerative farmers and food producers. These thought-provoking collaborations celebrate Britain’s custodians of soil, sea and seed, showcasing their positive solutions to climate change, the biodiversity crisis and social justice.

©Arpita Shah, Falcon Fields Allotment, shot for The Gaia Foundation's We Feed The UK campaign. Arts Partner, Photo Fringe
©Arpita Shah, Falcon Fields Allotment, shot for The Gaia Foundation’s We Feed The UK campaign. Arts Partner, Photo Fringe

Coordinated by The Gaia Foundation, We Feed The UK brings together over 40 partners from the environment and arts sectors. The series tells ten time-critical stories across urban, rural and coastal areas and focuses on England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, using the power of photography and poetry to change perceptions and support a nationwide transition to regenerative agriculture.

Farmers and food producers are crucial players in our fight to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. Our regenerative farmers are galvanising communities to think differently about how we produce and consume our food Ally Nelson, Project Lead for We Feed The UK at The Gaia Foundation

The farmers and producers featured as part of We Feed The UK have found inventive, inspiring and good-for-all ways to flourish against a stark backdrop of climate chaos, the cost of living crisis, and post-Brexit pandemonium. In one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, where less than half of our indigenous biodiversity remains, the project aims to show that nature-friendly and community-centric farming practices are at the root of our future resilience.

Northumberland’s Stuart Johnson, Soil Farmer of the Year 2023, believes that “We Feed The UK is important in getting positive stories to the public – the current vilification of farmers needs to stop. There are small pockets of us trying to be better, which [this project] can help the consumer see and understand, whilst also offering hope to farmers stuck in an imperfect system. This project proves that there are other ways to do it that can not only enhance biodiversity and battle climate change, but also bring people together and improve financial performance. Everyone wins and that story needs to be told.” 

©Yvette Monahan, Mallon Farm shot for The Gaia Foundation’s We Feed The UK campaign. Arts Partner, Belfast Exposed

We Feed The UK has paired up 10 photographers with 10 farmers in 10 regions of the UK to tell the story of a better way of growing food – one that brings together communities and restores nature. Over the course of the next few months, we will be sharing some of these powerful individual stories here at Wicked Leeks and via our social media.

For more information on the project and its partners, visit the website

Cover image: ©Arpita Shah, Soilsistar holding Callaloo, Falcon Fields, shot for The Gaia Foundation’s We Feed The UK campaign. Arts Partner, Photo Fringe


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