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Top five healthy midweek dinners

Stuck at home due to coronavirus or just fancy mixing up your usual repertoire? Try these quick and healthy midweek dinners. including comfort curries, lemon gnocchi or colourful salads - all packed full of veg and flavour. .

Broccoli and sweet potato curry with cashews and quinoa

Broccoli & sweet potato curry with cashews & quinoa
This is a light, aromatic vegan curry. The sweet potatoes could easily be replaced with squash or pumpkin if you choose to make it again. Celeriac or parsnip would work well, too. Quinoa is a great source of protein and dietary fibre and stands in well for rice with a curry. It has a different texture, with a light bite and pop to it, but it soaks up all the liquid from the curry well. See recipe.

Chicken, spinach and chickpea tagine with harissa and preserved lemon

Chicken, spinach & chickpea tagine
Harissa is a spicy blend of chilli, herbs and garlic. We’ve advised using half to start, tasting and adding more towards the end, depending on your preference for heat. We’re using baby spinach here, which can be wilted down in the pan in handfuls. If you make it again with larger leaved spinach, it’s best to blanch, refresh and chop it first. See recipe.

Leek, mascarpone and lemon gnocchi with walnut and parsley pesto

Leek, mascarpone & lemon gnocchi
Gnocchi is quick, versatile and up there in the list of top comfort foods. Here gnocchi balls are served in a leek and watercress sauce with creamy mascarpone, then finished with a simple walnut pesto. See recipe.

Teriyaki tofu bowl with shiitake, crispy kale and shredded sprouts

Teriyaki tofu bowl
This is a big mixed bowl of contrasting textures. Sticky dark mushrooms, crisp roasted tofu with a soft melting centre, crunchy seaweed-like kale and a fresh sweet/sharp salad of raw sprouts, all tethered by a comforting base of unctuous rice. With good organisation, all five elements should mesh nicely in their preparation. See recipe.

Smoked mackerel, celeriac and watercress salad

Smoked mackerel salad
Rich smoked mackerel with clean, crunchy celeriac and apple, peppery watercress and fresh herbs. If you don’t have watercress, use peppery winter salad leaves instead. You could also add in wedges of cooked beetroot, toasted walnuts or slices or waxy salad potato. See recipe.


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