Best Easter recipes to celebrate spring veg

Easter might be slightly less sociable this year, but make the most of a sunny forecast and try BBQ-ing your favourite spring veg with our top Easter Day recipes.  

Since we are still restrained on visits to relatives this Easter, why not bring the activities closer to home? If you are blessed with a patio, yard or garden, eating outdoors is a great way to break up the usual routines.

Cooking on an open fire can provide the heart of some great family activities, from making and tending the fire, to younger ones helping make veggie kebabs or decorating the yard for your celebration.

Whether a sunny afternoon meal, or a lantern-lit evening feast, it’s a wonderful shared springtime activity that connects us with nature, each other and what we are eating in a relaxed and creative way.

BBQ spring veg

If you don’t know where to start, or just have bad memories of singed unappetising sausages on a beach BBQ, Riverford chef Bob Andrew has written a couple of great guides to get you started. How to cook veg on open fire gives you all the solid basics you’ll need to turn cooking outdoors from a bit of a mystery into something that you can understand and enjoy.

How to BBQ spring veg will transform your view of what works on a grill forever. Veg cooked on an open fire has an incredible depth of flavour and is a smoky, crunchy delight for the senses. Who knew eating BBQ broad beans and peas in their pods could be one of the most satisfying things to cook over coals?

BBQ broad beans

Some easy to make cumin flatbreads are a great side, as are homemade dips such as beetroot, carrot hummussalsa rossa or cooling tzatziki. Add in olives, plus a simple green salad and potatoes cooked your favourite way to make a real feast.

If you can’t get Easter eggs, why not make other treats such as banana and giant chocolate button cupcakes or indulgent double chocolate brownies to enjoy together round the fire. Happy Easter – here’s to finding joy in small things, and better times to come.


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