Best recipes for juicing

Juicing is the quickest, easiest, and tastiest way to increase fruit and veg intake. Here is our guide on how to make the best juices.

Juicing is tasty, vibrant way of upping your veg consumption. In the midst of New Year resolutions and a third lockdown, juicing can provide some serious health kicks and a new outlet for creativity. It can also help reduce food waste, providing a use for leftover or ‘trickier’ fruit and veg. 

Below are three videos that will show you the basic principles of juicing and some recipes to get you started. But the great thing about juicing is once you’ve understood the basics, you can easily start experimenting with your own combinations of flavours. Let us know in the comments your favourite creations. 

Build the juice up with the most fibrous ingredients to begin with (ginger, celery, carrot, spinach), then flush through the juiciest (apples, oranges, pears), and balance it all with a touch of citrus at the end. 

This next video puts into practice the building blocks of juicing with a classic mix of ginger, turmeric, carrot, and orange. 

Remember to only use small quantities of ginger and turmeric as they can be potent, and should be adjusted for your individual taste. The full recipe can be found here

This next recipe is jam packed full of flavour and nutritious veg, featuring a combination of kale, celery, parsley, cucumber, apple and lemon.

Juicing really is a powerful and easy formula for those looking to eat more fruit and veg or for those simply wanting to experiment with new flavours and combinations. In one fell swoop, it’s possible to include six different types of fruit and veg into one just serving. Find the full recipe here.

Remember these are just the foundations, get your creative juices flowing and recommend us your favourite combos in the comments below. 


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