Five best easy outdoor cooking recipes

Here are our top picks for recipes that are easy to make outdoors, whether camping or just in your garden, with minimal ingredients and simple techniques.

The veg New Year is now in full swing; an abundance of vibrant fruit and veg varieties bursting with summer flavours. Why spend time in an overheated kitchen when you can cook outdoors, taking your time and enjoying your surroundings instead?

Here are our top picks for recipes that are easy to make outdoors, whether camping or just in your garden, with minimal ingredients and simple techniques. All can be prepared using simple kit and made in a pan and/or frying pan on a portable camping stove or over a fire.

Samphire and porcini gnocchi


Simplicity itself, this recipe has just six ingredients and is super quick to make. Marsh samphire is delicious but only around for a short while at midsummer so if you can source some, do give this a go. It has a distinct, salty, mineral taste that is excellent paired with earthy porcini mushrooms as in this dish. If you want to cut down prep, pre-cook the gnocchi at home. Use olive oil in a kilner bottle rather than butter for leak-proof transportation. For the full recipe, click here.

Balsamic strawberry, cucumber and halloumi salad

With all the flavours of high summer, this salad uses the sweetness of strawberries balanced with balsamic vinegar for a slightly sharp, tangy flavour. Salty halloumi, fresh cucumber, herbs, and crunchy toasted pine nuts make this a feast for the senses, best savoured on a sunny day. For full instructions, click here.

New potato, radish and chervil warm salad

Radish salad

Perfect with simply cooked fresh fish, this light potato salad has the peppery warmth of radishes and is flavoured with the sweet aniseed taste of chervil. If you can’t source any chervil, fresh parsley will also work well. A great zero-waste recipe, if the radish tops are still perky and green simply wilt them in at the end. Click here for the recipe.

Courgette and halloumi kebabs


These vegetarian kebabs are easy to put together and filled with smoky salty flavour, especially if you grill them on the barbecue. If you’ve got red peppers in your box, add them too. Serve drizzled over with the yoghurt and tahini dressing. This goes beautifully with lemony couscous sprinkled with toasted flaked almonds or chopped pistachios. For the full recipe, click here.

Kimchi udon noodles

Kimchi udon

This udon noodle dish uses kimchi to pack in tonnes of flavour with minimal effort. Its spicy and salty flavour is enhanced when fried, as it starts to caramelise. Adding noodles and stir-fried veg makes this a complete meal with a range of textures and flavours. You’ll need to pack a veg peeler along with your knife and chopping board to create the carrot quick-cook ‘ribbons’. Click here for the recipe.

Please note: As all the above recipes contain items that need to remain chilled, use a cool bag with ice packs to keep them fresh en route to your cooking spot.


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