Combine onions, kohlrabi and carrots in this innovative take on a 'bhaji-burger'.

Make your own veggie burger

While fake meat alternatives may be owned by multinationals or linked to industrial food systems, veggie burgers don’t have to be off the menu for your summer BBQ.

While fake meat alternatives may be owned by multinationals or linked to industrial food systems, veggie burgers don’t have to be off the menu.

You can just as easily create your own meat-free burger using sustainable and healthy veg and legumes, and avoid any high tech, lab-grown meat or ultra-processed ingredients altogether.

Setting your blender to blitz means it should cope with even the toughest roots and stems, and it’s a brilliant way to use up leftover fridge draw odds and ends, or getting more veg into your diet. As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time of year to perfect your DIY veggie burger technique before the main BBQ season.

Try these recipe ideas or add your own in the comments section:

Bhaji burgers

Use onions, carrots and kohlrabi in an imaginative way to create a different take on a favourite dish. Click here to find the full recipe.

Korean-style vegan burgers

Made with chickpeas, mushrooms, ginger and miso this burger is packed full of protein as well as flavour. Find the recipe here.

Beetroot and carrot burgers

Carrot and beetroot burger

Use Portobello mushrooms as the bun to make a healthy meat free burger with a tender patty of carrot and beetroot. The recipe can be found here.

Courgette and falafel burger kit

Courgette burgers

Don’t have the time but want to expand your veggie burger horizons? Try this easy recipe kit for courgette and falafel burgers using organic ingredients and packed with flavour from harissa and fresh herbs.


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  1. Would it be possible to create a ‘print’ function and button so that I can print out a recipe without having to cut and paste it into Word and play about with formatting? That would be great!

    I have bought many of the recipe boxes, and we’ve enjoyed most of them and have some standout favourites I’ve made often.

    Love Riverford, and love Wicked Leeks. Thank you all so much.

    1. Yes I would like that too! I love the recipe hub and use it often, as well as having a delivery of food and some of the other delightful things on offer every (yes, every, ever since I joined) week. But not being able to just print the recipe and the method is a pain. What happens is that my own order appears as well down the right hand side of the page, as it’s some kind of web print out. So it either all goes on for many more pages than it needs to or the recipe part is so small you can’t sensibly read it if you set the “no of pages per sheet” to more than 1.

      I, too, love Riverford and thank you all for everything you do every day. I enjoy the shopping process during the week (your IT is fab) and look forward to my delivery each Thursday. Thanks to everyone involved.


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