A sage and Butternut fritatta is a filling and delicious lunch or midweek dinner.

Top five high protein veggie recipes

Swap processed meat alternatives for high protein meals made from whole foods, fruit and veg with these top five recipes.

Protein is often the biggest challenge for people when eating a plant-based diet – how to get enough of it and where to source it from. The shelves are certainly full of meat alternatives, which may be made from plant protein, but often come with excess packaging and a certain level of processing.

As an alternative, which is likely also cheaper according to an Oxford University study, try these five recipes made from whole foods, fruit and veg, each containing over 20g of protein per serving (of a recommended 45-55g per daily intake).

Chilli stuffed peppers, with tomato spelt, soured cream and avocado

These peppers are stuffed with a quick black bean chilli. Everything is thrown together and the chilli cooks inside the peppers as they roast. The spice pot contains the usual chilli ingredients, but add some paprika to give it a hint of smokiness and a little cocoa for some dark richness. For the full recipe, click here.

Hoisin mushrooms, egg-fried rice and kale

This is a calorie-light Asian-style dish, ideal for mid-week or a takeaway alternative, with the protein coming from the egg and to a lesser extent, mushrooms and rice. Find the full recipe here.

Tofu puttanesca

Piquant puttanesca has a true Italian vibe; garlic, olives, tomato and capers, all tossed with a little chilli to your liking. This version uses a squash mash as the base, for a lighter change to pasta, with tofu for plant-based protein and extra nutrients, nutritional yeast to give a savoury finish, and some zesty lemon. Find the full recipe here.

Butternut and sage frittata

Frying the sage before adding it to the frittata helps to intensify the flavour and gives it a nice crisp texture. It also has the advantage of scenting the oil it is cooked in, which can then be used to cook the frittata, adding to the overall flavour. With three eggs a head, you’re also topping up on daily protein. Find the full recipe here.

Bang bang tofu and spring green noodles

Spring greens are incredibly versatile and can be added to stir-fries, curries, soups and stews through the winter and well into spring, if the weather holds. They can be a staple and tasty vegetable in your kitchen, so if you’ve not used them before, we hope this inspires you to try them more often. You can use other cabbages or greens in their place depending on the season. Find the full recipe here.


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