Watch: Why carbon offsets are a con

Ever wondered why it's so cheap to offset a long haul? Because it's a con, argues Guy Singh-Watson in a new film explaining more.

Ever wondered why it’s so cheap to offset a long haul? It’s so easy to get trees planted in a far away place…because it’s a con, argues Riverford founder Guy Singh-Watson. We can’t offset our way out of the climate crisis he says, but there is a solution to reduce the 89 per cent of global emissions that come from fossil fuels, and it’s incredibly simple. Watch on to find out. 


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  1. I find it difficult to comment as I know so little. I like the passion in what you said. But as you say tax fossil fuel use particularly for planes Allow people one flight per year then gradually ramp up the tax for each extra flight. Then the rich pay. Offsetting just helps people feel less guilty about their actions. Thanks for your well felt comments Guy.


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