Melissa Hemsley and Ixta Belfrage live in conversation

Wicked Leeks’ series of live events will host food writers Melissa Hemsley and Ixta Belfrage this summer as part of a series with women in food and sustainability.

Food writers and chefs Melissa Hemsley and Ixta Belfrage will take part in the next two Wicked Leeks Live events as part of an intimate ‘in conversation with’ interview series with women in food and sustainability.

Hemsley, whose fifth book Feel Good is out now, focuses on cooking healthy, seasonal food from scratch, around the time constraints of busy lives. Her latest book was inspired by a series of events she ran during the 2020 lockdown celebrating stories of community, connection and ‘things that are good in the world’.

Belfrage, who trained in Yotam Ottolenghi’s test kitchen and co-wrote Flavour, has recently launched a solo career celebrating the multiple countries she takes influence from in her cooking. Her new book Mezcla fuses inspiration from her upbringing and travels in Brazil, Italy and Mexico in a colourful and unique new food collection.

Both events take place at The Riverford Field Kitchen restaurant in a relaxed interview-style format, and while guests enjoy a 100 per cent organic feast.

Wicked Leeks editor Nina Pullman said: “It’s still a novelty to enjoy in-person events with real people off screen, and I’m so pleased to welcome both Melissa and Ixta for an evening of conversation and delicious food.

“Food has the unique ability to connect people, and I’m looking forward to discussing that with Melissa, plus how it can be at the centre of community and personal care, as well as her wider interests in a sustainable food system and her own journey into cooking and the food industry.

“Ixta is one of the most exciting chefs of the moment and her combination of influences make for original and delicious recipes. We will hear about her travels, tips for more confidence and flavour in the kitchen plus her thoughts on equality and inclusivity in the food world.”

Wicked Leeks In Conversation with Melissa Hemsley takes place on 25 May, and with Ixta Belfrage on 27 July


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