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With interest in plant-based eating hitting unprecedented levels and plastic shooting up the agenda, 2018 was the year sustainability went mainstream.

With interest in plant-based eating hitting unprecedented levels and plastic shooting up the agenda, 2018 was the year sustainability went mainstream.

Gone are the days of a vague interest in where food comes from, satisfied by a single picture of a grower on supermarket packs. Now there is a desire for transparency from the whole supply chain, from the carbon footprint of meat, the end destination of your plastic packaging, to the food waste scraps you throw away. Meanwhile climate change has never been a more pressing issue and more and more people are waking up to the urgent need to do things differently, whether that’s in the food sector or elsewhere. 

That’s why we have launched Wicked Leeks, a new online magazine for news, views and insight into sustainable food and ethical business, to become the hub to shape and discuss those issues for the future.

The magazine is powered by Riverford, the organic veg box company founded by Guy Singh-Watson, who has always been outspoken on issues such as climate change, pesticide use, soil health and ecological farming. His views have shaped Riverford today, but they are no longer the niche rantings of an organic revolutionary. As such, Wicked Leeks will be home to a range of voices and opinion writers, and reflect the huge interest in the impact our food and other habits have on the planet.

Whether it’s the volunteers at FoodCycle quietly using up the food surplus we hear so much about, Greenpeace’s call to reduce plastic rather than recycle, or the inspiring stories from resilient small farmers around the world – Wicked Leeks is a colourful, lively and, at times, challenging insight into the world of sustainable food and the issues around it.

Food has always been a gateway to debates around health, the environment, politics and culture. But at the heart of all these things is people, and so Wicked Leeks’ other strand is to shape the exciting discussions around ethical business, covering topics such as employee ownership, a journey taken by Riverford itself, modern slavery, diversity, and community-supported agriculture.

Keep up to date on food, sustainability, climate change and environment news, or browse the lifestyle section for inspiration for your plant-based or flexitarian cooking. In the features section, read about plastic, food waste, or interviews with food producers and farmers, or check out the opinion section for new and regular opinion writers, including a weekly column from Riverford founder and environmentalist Guy Singh-Watson.  

It’s all part of an optimistic and hopefully inspiring vision for the future, as lighthearted yet challenging as the name implies, and it’s one in which we hope you will share, comment, discuss and help shape the future you want to live in.


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  1. what a fantastic start to the New Year, somebody who knows what they are talking about and more to the point is willing to talk about it! I look forward to meandering through what looks like a very good website!

  2. I’ve always loved reading Guy’s blog./newsletter This new venture looks really interesting. Food sustainability is of key importance to the future of the planet. Great website. Excited to read more!

  3. Hi. Good to see this platform. I’d like to learn more about the “Planetary Health Diet” that has been in the news lately. What do people think of this, is it realistic, how is it best for the planet, how does it affect food miles, ideas for a week’s menu tailored to its recommendations. It would be good to see it discussed in Riverford’s weekly newsletter too.


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