Regenerative fashion
Leather from cattle raised in a regenerative system is a valuable material.

Finding beauty in the beast

Regenerative farming meets fashion at the London Design Festival where brands are exhibiting exclusive items made from leather from cattle raised on pasture.

Mulberry and New Balance are some of the brands that have used leather from regenerative farms, an often-wasted material, in an exhibition at the London Design Festival this week.

The exhibition, Leather from British Pastures, will be shown at Rochelle School in east London this week (19–25 September), showcasing the connection between the land, food and fashion.

Co-founders of British Pasture Leather, Sara Grady and Alice Robinson, are the duo behind the exhibition and claim to have developed the first regenerative supply chain for leather, produced from cattle’s hides raised only on grass from nature-friendly farms that are certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) under their Pasture for Life label.

“Making meaningful use of the hide is a natural extension of a nose-to-tail culinary approach that fully values the animals we raise for food, and which provide great benefits to soil health and land stewardship,” said Grady who in partnership with Robinson set about making use of this under-valued part of the animal and providing much-needed transparency for fashion brands and buyers.

The exhibition will feature objects from saddles to handbags, and from furniture to footwear, by Mulberry and New Balance as well as designers like Ally Capellino, Bill Amberg, Carréducker and Tabitha Ringwood.

“By celebrating these qualities in our British Pasture Leather, we can forge new connections between the farming and design communities and share a positive story about regenerative practices both in the field and in the design studio,” said Robinson.

Tickets include short panel discussions with prominent makers, designers and farmers and dishes will be served by renowned London restaurant Rochelle Canteen with meat from the same Pasture for Life farms whose hides have been used in the exhibition.


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