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Ellis: Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow

Ellis on George Monbiot's prediction of the end of all farming as we know it and 'Apocalypse Cow'. 


    9 Months

    I'm watching 'Apocalypse Cow' and it's not easy viewing. I choose to buy organic (I have done so many years) and specifically from Riverford because, and I hope I'm not being stupid and naive but I want to believe Riverford's suppliers care deeply for their land and their animals. Also that these people don't dump their waste irresponsibly and damage our waterways etc. I am not a vegetarian or a vegan. But I have reduced the amount my family eat substantially and all our diary is organic. I cannot ignore the fact that eating meat and consuming diary products does damage our planet and I want to reduce my personal footprint and endeavour to negate the damage. I have to balance our diet because my husband is diabetic and keeping him healthy is my top priority. I think I'm seeking reassurance so I can continue buying every week from Riverford........ is that so bad????

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    8 Months 4 Weeks

    Riverford sell Soil Association certified organic meat from suppliers they have worked with for many years, and so animal welfare and care for the environment are central to what they do. Their guideline is to make organic veg the star of the show, and if you choose to eat meat to eat 'less and better'.If you have any questions, do contact the customer services team on the farm at and they will be happy to help.

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    Ellis is Wicked Leeks' regular cartoonist, commenting on anything from food politics to farming. 

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