Top five recipes to celebrate the kale season

As the days cool and autumn colours emerge, fresh British-grown kale comes into season offering a delicious splash of green in these top five kale recipes.

As the days cool and autumn colours emerge, fresh British-grown kale comes into season offering a delicious splash of green to these top five kale recipes. 

Mushrooms, kale and barley with fresh herbs and baked eggs


This is an easy, two-pan dish with plenty of umami (savoury) flavour from the mushrooms, particularly the dried mushroom liquor that acts like a little stock. We’ve used curly, but any kale will work here. 

Guy’s kale hash


This kale, chorizo and potato hash is the ultimate weekend breakfast or hearty dinner on a cold day. Top with a poached egg to make a more complete meal. You can also use cabbage or sliced Brussels sprouts in place of kale here.

Celeriac, kale and mushroom pie


A deliciously hearty pastry-topped dish, this autumn warmer gives the heartiest of meat stews a run for its money. Cooking the component parts may seem a bit fiddly but it ensures each ingredient retains its perfect flavour and texture. 

Baked potatoes with cheesy kale filling


These vegetarian baked potatoes hit that magic spot somewhere between decadent and worthy. They make a great simple and inexpensive midweek dinner and can be easily adapted to your kitchen contents: use chard or spinach if you have this in your veg box instead of kale, or use a smoky cheese such as Gruyère in place of cheddar.

Kale, spelt and chorizo big soup


This ‘big soup’ is a chunky broth that’s almost a stew. It’s a great style of dish for using up the last odds and ends in your winter veg box. The basic requirements are onion and garlic, a grain, good stock and lots of veg, but you can liven it up with bacon or chorizo, by stirring in pesto or by sprinkling over gremolata. It also reheats well.


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