Cheesy carrot flapjacks make a great healthy snack take on summer holiday day trips.

Top five veg-centric summer baking recipes

Our favourite family friendly baking recipes will inspire young and old to get busy in the kitchen.

Whatever the weather, these family friendly recipes make a great activity to bake and enjoy together. As well as offering creative ways to bring in more seasonal vegetables and increase that count of plant foods. Whether cosying up with tea and cake on a rainy day, or popping these bakes into a packed lunch for heading out on summer adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Carrot cake cookies

The UK carrot season is in full swing and these carrot cake cookies bring together the key notes of a classic carrot cake in a cookie. The presence of carrots, nuts and oats make these a healthier cookie choice, though still very popular with younger palates.

Cheesy carrot flapjacks

These cheesy carrot flapjacks are perfect to make with children – and make excellent snacks or lunchbox fillers. There are few better uses for the last couple of carrots in the fridge. These also freeze brilliantly, so make a double batch and keep some safe for another day.

Squash, lemon and almond muffins

These muffins work so well in lunch boxes for days out. Butternut squash and ground almonds lend a gorgeous moistness, working a bit in the same way as the carrots in carrot cake. You’ll need muffin cases and a muffin tin for baking.

Gluten free chocolate beetroot brownies

This surprising combination results in an intensely chocolately taste and a lovely moist texture – and not a hint of beetroot after baking. Though the nourishing goodness remains, another bonus is that these brownies are gluten free.

Spinach, cheese and apple muffins

Not all baking needs to be sweet. Enjoy these comforting squidgy, cheesy muffins warm or they can be made ahead of time and kept in a tub for a couple of days, or frozen; ideal for breakfast, lunch or a snack. They are also a delicious way to get some greens in too. If you haven’t got muffin cases to hand, you can make your own by taking squares of baking parchment, damping them a little with cold water then scrunching them up and unravelling them – then pop them in your muffin tin.


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    1. Hi, it seems this was linked to mistakenly in the email, please instead see the ‘How to eat less meat’ article.

    1. Hi, it seems this was linked to mistakenly in the email, please instead see the ‘How to eat less meat’ article.


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