Veg Hacks: Globe artichokes

The latest Riverford Veg Hack is on the magnificent looking Globe artichokes - seasonal star and the basis for a tasty, tactile meal.

The latest Veg Hack is on the magnificent looking Globe artichokes – one of Riverford founder Guy’s favourites. They stand tall and proud in the field, and provide a tasty, tactile meal in the kitchen. 


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    1. The heart and base of petals are great but you need to discard the hairy ‘choke’ in the middle and stems; the rest of each petal is too hard to eat.

  1. Love your hacks James but tried this one as a last ditch attempt to try and love artichokes and it was like chewing on old leather boots! Followed the instructions religously but just didn’t do if for me.

  2. artichoke eating is a sensual beautiful unfolding relationship. take your time.
    I always ate them as a child in Brittany as the locals did. they were boiled whole. plonked on the plate whole. why amputate some of their beauty? using your hands for the whole process, dip the succulent base of each leaf as you go, dipping in the ramekin of melted butter or oil, and holding the leaf upside down once it enters your mouth and your lower teeth scrape the tender part clean off the tough petal. as you near the centre pull the smaller tender petals together, most of which can be eaten, pull out the thistle fluff, dipping and nibbling the tender tasty base, then plunge the heart into the remaining butter and gorge gracefully!
    I just discovered dipping in walnut oil with a little sea salt is amazing

  3. This is a great video! Thank you!
    Towards the end, James says something like ‘Eat the petals and the choke’ but, obviously he means the heart! May want to change the voiceover of that bit to avoid confusion.


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