Top five plant-based recipes for May

Liven up your May menus with these delicious springtime recipes for spinach, asparagus, carrots and sweet potato.

May is a tricky time of year for us, as we’re in the middle of the Hungry Gap; the time of year when the winter crops have tailed to an end and we’re still waiting for the first of the summer veg. 

One of the first things to look forward to will be our carrots, which will arrive with their gorgeous green tops. Don’t immediately toss them on the compost or give them to the nearest rabbit or guinea pig, but instead eat them. They are especially good made into a pesto.

Other highlights for May include asparagus, spinach and broad beans. Here are five recipes to keep your plate colourful and veg filled.

Carrot top pesto


Carrot tops are full of flavour, and like the leaves of other roots (e.g. celeriac or beetroot) if they’re in reasonable nick, they’re good to eat – so don’t throw them on the compost. Pick off and discard the larger stems, keeping the feathery leaves. This pesto is great tossed through pasta, or drizzled over roasted carrots, new potatoes or greens. Try crumbling mozzarella or sheep’s cheese over the top too.

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Asparagus, spinach and lentil salad


This is a simple and nourishing dish, making a veg hero of asparagus, a favourite spring vegetable. We suggest topping with one of our favourite cheeses, Wootton white, a British sheep’s cheese, but feta or soft cheese will work.

See full asparagus, spinach and lentil salad recipe.

Spinach linguine with roasted tomatoes


Avoid wasting leftover bread by drying it out, blitzing and sprinkling onto pasta dishes for a little crunch. Here breadcrumbs top linguine pasta with wilted spinach, sweet, juicy roasted tomatoes, a garlicky hit and a kick of chilli.

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Sweet potato, spinach and almond curry


This is a mildly spiced curry with warming garam masala, a mix of aromatic spices that includes clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin. Lightly bashing the cardamom opens up the seeds for more flavour. Seasonal spinach adds a hit of green, and can be interchanged with Swiss chard or spring green.

See full sweet potato, spinach & almond curry recipe.

Crushed broad bean bruschetta


A delectable vegetarian springtime starter. If you make this early in the broad bean season, while they’re still small and soft, you can skip the double podding that broad beans usually call for. Two lovely additions: spread your toasted bread with a little fresh ricotta before piling on the beans, or top the crushed beans with crispily fried pancetta or bacon lardons.

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