Natural Wine, No Drama: An unpretentious guide

A guide for those who want to drink the pure stuff and dodge the bottled bullets along the way....

“Wine is a delicious beverage made by mostly uncomplicated and good-natured people, and it has always irked me how overly complex it has become,” writes Honey Spencer, who has spent over ten years getting to know, work with and share her love of natural wine.

Wait – isn’t all wine natural? In fact, ‘natural wine’ is used for wine that’s made without any additions or subtractions i.e. as close to nature as possible – this takes it a step beyond (or rather, before) organic, and even biodynamic, wine. With this process, you might expect plentiful surprises, from flavour, sediment and consistency issues, which is why Spencer’s written this book – to help guide those
who want to drink the pure stuff, but to be sure they’re dodging the bottled (dud) bullets along the way.

Alongside her masterful wine knowledge, Honey shines a light on the most innovative newcomers and leading women in the industry – including winemakers, importers and sommeliers from around the world – revealing the exciting personalities, stories and techniques behind natural winemaking in countries such as Italy, Georgia, the USA, Australia and more.

You’ll also find a unique selection of recipes and pairing notes from world-famous chefs, alongside an easily digestible glossary to make quick sense of winemaking in a way that truly opens up the world of natural wine to anyone that wants to enjoy it.

Natural Wine, No Drama: An unpretentious guide by Honey Spencer (Harpercollins)

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