Poached rhubarb is a simple entry level dish for a spring seasonal star.

Rhubarb: One fruit, three levels

Find a dish to match your cooking level with our rhubarb recipes for new cooks, those who are 'quietly confident' or budding Masterchefs.

No need to feel intimidated in the kitchen – there’s something for everyone in our recipe selection to suit all skills using spring’s seasonal star rhubarb.

I’m new to this…

Poached rhubarb is the ultimate balance of sweet and sharp. If you do it well, you’ll have shapely batons, but if you overcook it, no drama; just use it as a purée. Find the recipe here.

I’m quietly confident…

Try rhubarb ketchup for a savoury option with a few more adventurous ingredients and some preserving skills. An advancement in eating as much as cooking. Find the recipe here.

Did someone say Masterchef?

Rhubarb and custard is one of the most perfect desserts, hinging on the mild peril that the acidity of the rhubarb will curdle the creaminess of the custard. The perfect baked custard is the skill here – at one end of the spectrum is silky, barely set custard, at the other is sweet, grainy scrambled eggs. It’s all about method. Find the recipe here.


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