Wicked Leeks Issue 9: Out now

We explore seasonality and hear from cover star Poppy Okotcha on the secret power of gardens, plus see our revamped Lifestyle section with art, culture, health and more.

Seasonality. What does it mean, how is it changing, and is it still a feasible way to shape sustainable eating in an era of climate change? Those are some of the questions we seek to address in the new print issue of Wicked Leeks, as spring rolls around with its promise of new season harvests and warmer weather. 

But seasonality has gone beyond simply meaning what is available when – as food historian Sam Bilton explains (pages 6-7), it has gone from way of life to more of a watchword. While for chef Tom Hunt (page 8) it can be a source of contradictory, yet creative, inspiration, and for forager Jim Parums (page 9) it brings regular reminders of a changing climate.

For others, simply buying any food is what they are most concerned with, never mind what’s in season, as we hear in a piece examining the links between sustainable food and food poverty (pages 27-29). 

Elsewhere in this issue, to better represent and inspire modern lives, we’ve given our Lifestyle section a full revamp, with new sections on health, art, culture and, of course, food, with new voices and formats to bring ideas and discussions to life in different ways. There are also new elements recognising the power of community, of eating out, and of a different kind of shopping (pages 34-42). 

The power of storytelling also comes to mind when hearing from this issue’s cover star Poppy Okotcha (pages 10-15), whose inspiring and articulate understanding of how gardens can be radical places for self care, as well as cultural and environmental change, is hugely empowering. 

Read the full magazine for free as a digital edition on Issuu, or sign up to the Wicked Leeks weekly email for details of how to receive a hard copy. 


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