Riverford launches organic ‘soil boxes’

New soil boxes will be sold alongside Riverford’s organic veg boxes to supercharge home gardens and veg patches after consumer interest in soil reaches new heights.

Soil is rising up the agenda thanks to its role as a carbon sink and veg box company Riverford has taken it one step further with the launch of its new organic soil boxes.

Responding to calls from customers, Riverford will sell organic soil boxes alongside its offering of seasonal organic fruit and veg, delivering straight to customers at a price of £34.95.

As well as being nutrient dense and created by expert pedologists, the new ‘Soil Box’ will come in different sizes and colours, and can be added to vegetables as well as flower beds, or used for home composting.

The company said the soil, taken straight from its farm in south Devon, contains 20 per cent more organic matter than conventionally-farmed soil and is likely to supercharge home gardens and veg patches.

It comes as consumer interest and demand for soil on their vegetables has skyrocketed over the past few months, prompting supermarket Tesco to make headlines recently with the news it is selling unwashed potatoes.

“It started when customers asked for more soil on their veg, but we’re really pleased to have been able to go one step further and create a box dedicated to organic soil and with multiple uses,” said Sally Odia, Riverford’s head pedologist.

Soil box
Dishing the dirt: Riverford’s new Organic Soil Boxes are available now. 

“We’ve been able to develop the product to our high organic standards, which will have multiple benefits to customers home composting and veg growing activities and can also be added to vegetables for an additional dose of vitamins and minerals and a longer storage life,” added Odia.

Riverford harvest manager, Ed Scott said: “We take our soil very seriously. We have been cultivating our unique and highly nutritious Devonshire soil for over 35 years. It’s rich, fertile, 100 per cent organic and without it, none of what we do would be possible”

“We are proud to be able to offer individual boxes of our freshly dug soil alongside our existing range, it means our customers can now enjoy more than just great veg, but the soil in which it is grown. “

More info about the new Riverford Organic Soil Box can be found here.


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  1. V interested in this as I’ve just made some raised beds for veg. How many boxes would I need to supercharge each bed (120×240)? I assume they are refillable and I just put them out for collection with my veg box?

  2. So in the true spirit of recycling, can I in turn leave out a box of our inferior Somerset soil for you to recycle into top notch Devonian?

  3. There was a time, many years back, when I used to collect my Riverford Vegbox from the local health food shop in Taunton. Root veg used to come clothed in the beautiful Devon soil for free then! Pre-delivery and veg washing systems. I used to wonder how much spoil was lost from fields every year in the boxes.

    1. If you do get soil on your veg, wash it in a bowl rather than running water and then empty it onto the garden so you get to benefit from the extra soil.

  4. I need to replace the topsoil on half an acre of farmland we have just bought as Trustees 0f a Community Woodland, When can I expect a delivery and will you send it by Royal Mail? – I’d like to warn the local postie. Have a Happy Day!!

    1. Hope your postie has one of those wheelie trolleys – it may take them a while…. 😉

  5. Congrats to Nina Pullman for tidily reeling me in. I was on the verge of writing you an Outraged of Tunbridge Wells about soil depletion and composting … Then I thought again …

    Nice to see that you are getting your quotations from that veteran expert in the field, ‘a soil lady’.

    Dishing the dirt, indeed.

    1. Thanks Katharine! Glad it made you smile and hopefully when you clicked the link you will see both the Wicked Leeks team and Riverford share your passion for treasuring the soil.

    1. Don’t worry, it’s all staying put on the farm and happy to hear our April Fools made you smile.

  6. Just loved this April Fool! I read the article quickly, and thought that I would look at it later and order a box for my veg trug! My youngest daughter fell for it too, as she thought it would be nice to put into their new garden! It was my eldest daughter who pointed out what the date was!!Hilarious, I cannot believe I fell for it, I am usually very alert. Well Done! I will watch out next year.


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